Orchid Blue Small Butta Woven Banarasi Saree
Orchid Blue Small Butta Woven Banarasi Saree
Orchid Blue Small Butta Woven Banarasi Saree

Orchid Blue Small Butta Woven Banarasi Saree

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It is a well-known fact that sarees hold a special place in a women’s heart, and are an integral piece of clothing in a woman’s closet. Nowadays most of the sarees sold online are Banarasi silk sarees. The fabric of Banarasi silk sarees wins hearts in seconds and is loved country-wide, in fact, the internet has made it possible to spread the word about Banarasi sarees throughout the world online. There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t know and want to buy at least one of the glamourous Banarasi silk sarees that are available online. Varanasi is a heritage site and since Banarasi silk sarees are a product of the city, they carry the legacy of the city of temples. The city may stay still, but as the times change, it is now the sarees that tell Varanasi's stories to anyone who purchases them through Banarasi Sarees Online shopping.  


Care of Banarasi saree:

Hand washing is no option when it comes to banarasi sarees. Dry cleaning is the best way to ensure that your saree is clean and maintained at the same time. Detergents can ruin the material. Absolutely avoid drying the saree in direct sunlight as direct heat can fade the saree and also can damage the cloth, making it weak wherein the design could also break apart. It is better to avoid drying it in direct sunlight. Its best to either do spot treatment to tackle the stains.


Material: Blended silk (Soft, lightweight, easy to drape, beautiful fall)

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