Evergreen Appeal of Traditional Paithani Saree

Paithani sarees, as some of you might already know, are traditional to Maharashtra. With it's gorgeous silk fabric and gold or silver embroidery, it is a staple in every Maharashtrian woman’s closet. However, these sarees are no longer limited to a particular state.

The use of rich colours and motifs, exquisite embroidery and handwoven designs has ensured  tremendous popularity for this saree. As a result, you’ll find numerous online paithani saree sellers. This saree is, to date, a part of the wedding trousseau of Maharashtrian women, thanks to its ornamental zari work on the pallu and border as well as the intrinsic weaving.

As such, they have acquired a timeless status and are also largely exported across the globe. Although earlier you could find them in a handful of shops, today, a simple internet search for an online paithani saree will produce countless results.

Components Of Paithani

1.The body 

The main body of the saree is either plain or decorated and is made of6 handwoven silk. You’ll find small butti work on it. These might be of varying designs and add to the overall appeal of the saree. Like most other sarees, paithanis are nine yards in length. However, what makes them evergreen is the unique handwoven pattern and how the buttis are intricately layered over the entire body.

2. The Edge

The border of the saree has a unique design. Embedded with zari, it protects the
delicate edges from wear and tears by adding stiffness to the fabric. Also known as kath, it is decorated with the utmost intricacy and uses traditional motifs like stars,peacocks, flowers, parrots, etc.

3. The Pallu

Also known as the padar, this is one of the most striking aspects of a paithani. It also has motifs – usually of flowers, leaves, and peacocks. Back during the days of the Peshwas, the pallu and borders were made out of pure gold and copper that give it tremendous strength.

The design of the paithani saree has evolved ever since, and today, online paithani saree price ranges in thousands. Although they are no longer as heavy as the olden days, they still have beautiful zari work and motifs embedded on their pallu and border.

What Makes Paithani Saree Timeless?

Online paithani saree are of different types. Not all of them are made out of silk; some are  even fashioned out of cotton fabric. However, what makes them stand out is their unique design and vibrant colours such as parrot green, magenta, and bright red. As such, no two sarees are ever the same. They are differently woven and have individual motifs.

Finding an authentic handloom paithani saree is a challenging task. However, if you rely on a reputed seller, it will be much easier. Online paithani saree price has become quite competitive due to the ease of manufacturing, so carefully go through the entire saree collection and pick one that meets your budget and requirements.

Paithani sarees represent the heritage of India and remain a symbol of ancient Maharashtra. Thus, the Government has taken numerous steps to protect the paithani weavers and keep the tradition of weaving unique paithani sarees alive.