About Us

We at Kalaashree believe that every individual is an artist, everyone possesses one or the other art form within them. When individual life to rise his art, he prospers new heights, so “Kalaashree” is to take the arisen art towards prosperity.

Our logo represents energy and spirituality.

Our universe itself is an art, where there are many art forms in different cultures and traditions. In India, we practice many art forms. Our country is the most diverse country in the world, where we find many cultures and traditions in each state.

To manufacture or create anything requires the art of making it, along with the hard work, to sculpture the final product. As we said earlier there are different cultures and traditions in each state. One can identify by the style of clothing representing their culture, as Banarasi Saree is to North India so is Kanjeevaram Saree to South India and so is Paithani Saree to Western India and so is Bengali Saree to East India, etc. Here we understand how culturally diverse we are. And to manufacture such culturally diverse clothing is what we call “THE ART – KALAA”, so by uniting the artists who make such beautiful clothing, at “Kalaashree” we introduce you to the exclusive ethnic collections of clothing from all parts of India.

We welcome you all to “KALAASHREE”. An opportunity of serving you is our respect. Your satisfaction is our number one concern and we promise to stay reliable.

The breadth of view: United we prosper, united we achieve, UNITED WE STAND.