Choosing the Perfect Kanjivaram sarees for a wedding

Being a woman, you always desire the best for yourself. Whether it is your floral jewel in the "Haldi ceremony" or choosing the bridal saree, you want all the pleasantest things to occur around you on that particular day. You are the one who wishes this, but there are ladies out there who have similar thoughts.

Pick out the best pure silk Kanjeevaram saree on the wedding day as being a bride; No one can steal your flash away from you. Though you will be the core of attraction, the bright colour of the saree will make you glimmer. 

Unlike western weddings, Indian weddings are filled with colour,traditions and rituals,and you want to look and feel your traditional best when attending an indian wedding. Investing in Kanjivaram sarees for wedding will be the best investment you make, as these sarees are traditional with an old world charm, that will surely make you the best dressed in a wedding.

There are vivid coloured silk and zari sarees made in Kanchipuram, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and brides from many Indian states consume not only its South Indian bride's attire but because of its elegance, high-quality silk, and zari, and the edge it offers to the woman's personality.

If you intend to buy a Kanjivaram saree, here are some helpful tips for choosing one


An authentic Kanjivaram saree is composed of pure mulberry silk from Karnataka. It is formed with three types of silk threads that give the saree its density of around 2kg or even more. The border of the saree is made distinctly from the body, and then both are interlocked collectively.

The border of the saree is very distinctive. It is offbeat from the saree's overall design, and various kinds of themes like the sun, moon, peacocks, chariots, lions, parrots, leaves, flowers, swans, elephants, etc., are used in it to make it highly appealing.

Body type

Your height is an essential everyday factor. 

If you are short, broad borders will look overwhelming, and you'll look shorter than you are. If you are of average height, choose slim, medium width borders, or even no borders at all to create an illusion of a few more inches. 

And if you are blessed with a height and full figure, broad borders will accentuate your personality.

The same rule applies to motifs too. 

Colour combination

Indian women are blessed with a series of complexions which makes them unpleasant for selection of colours. Dusky brides look veracious in a combo of light body and bright borders and pallu, while fair ladies may choose bright, medium-bright, or pastel body, borders, and pallu.

The most beautiful thing about a Kanjivaram saree is that it's timeless, and you can consume it for many prestigious events even after the wedding. In this way, it's an excellent investment. 

Choose among many lovely Kanjivaram sarees online in India and choose the most proper saree for yourself.