Paithani Saree: A Perfect Blend of Heritage and Elegance

Sarees have always been an important part of Indian culture and tradition. Be it any occasion or a regular day at home or office, sarees are something that is always appreciated. There are many categories among them too. Counted in the royalty among the sarees, the Paithani sarees hold a special and treasured place in the trousseau of a Maharashtrian bride. 

Rightly termed as the ‘Queen of silks’, these sarees are unbeatable and unmatchable in their royalty. Nowadays, it is not a difficult task to shop for them as compared to earlier times. Today, you can easily perform online Paithani saree shopping and get the items delivered to your doorstep. 

What is the weaving process?

Initially, the Paithani weave was a tapestry weaving technique but was later on used for weaving sarees. If you have a look at the data, approximately 500g of silk thread and 250 g of zari thread is required to make a regular six-yard saree. The nine yards saree will require more raw material to be manufactured and can weigh up to 900 g.

Here is how pure silk Paithani sarees are made:

● The first step is to dye the raw silk threads using the natural dyes obtained from plants, rocks, vegetables, and minerals as well. Once dyed, the silk threads are then transferred to the reels and are loaded on the looms.
● The next step is the preparation of the loom. This is the most time-consuming step and can take even a day to be set up. Being the most tedious part of the job, here the design, finer details, colours, and several other features are determined. 
● After this, the weaver sits down to make the most elegant and beautiful piece of Paithani saree for the clients that may take a time of two months to two years.

Some interesting facts about the Paithani saree

● The saree is available in both six yards and nine yards.
● Both the sides of this saree look the same. This is a distinguishing feature of a
handloom Paithani.
● A power loom Paithani saree will always have threads on the reverse side of the cloth. 
● As compared to other silks, the pure silk Paithani saree does not lose its lustre and does not wear out at the folds.
● There are two dominating colours in the saree- one at the pallu and border and the other on the saree.

A variety of designs and styles are available in these sarees nowadays. You can find the Paithani sarees online at an affordable price range. Based on your choice and budget, you can find the perfect outfit for yourself. You will notice that these sarees are available in basic colours like yellow, purple, red, green, and magenta. 

Due to the manual nature of the weaving process, no two Paithani sarees can ever be the same. There will always be minor differences in the designs. Always make sure that you handle it with care and wrap it with a soft cloth. It should not be made subject to washing after every use and should be given for dry clean if urgent.